The Request to Pay process

Here are the steps that an end user, who already registered the consent for a financial account, has to follow in order to require and receive payment.

  1. The Registered End User asks to start the request to pay process.
  2. The Software Integrator sends a POST to Start Request to Pay
  3. A-Cube API responds with a URL
  4. The Registered End user sends this URL to his debtor, who has not to be registered on A-Cube .
  5. The Debtor clicking on the URL will be redirected to a page where to choose the desired Financial Institution from which to fulfill the payment.
  6. The process will continue on the website of the Financial Institution .
  7. If process is successful, the Debtor will be redirected to a page summarizing the details of the payment just made.
  8. At this point A-Cube will call the payment Webhook with a success payload.

request to pay workflow