A-Cube Transfer

Get the power of the A-Cube platform with zero-integration-effort

What is it

A-Cube Transfer enables your company to send and receive electronic documents with no integration.

You export the information from your ERP and provide the files to A-Cube Transfer. We manage the data transformation to e-documents (i.e. e-invoices, e-orders, etc...) and the interaction with governments and exchange networks.


The Transfer product is available in the following environments:

  • sandbox is the environment to use for testing purposes. The document ingestion and transformation works the same as the production environment but e-documents will not be sent to real gov channels.
  • production is the environment where you can send file to transform and/or send to government. We will take care of managing the interaction with govs.


You can access the product using the same credentials you use to access the A-Cube dashboard.

Alternatively you can set up an SSH key to authenticate with the SFTP server.