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Over a million companies use Stripe every day to make or receive online payments. Thanks to A-Cube e-invoicing app available in the Stripe App Marketplace, you can easily create e-invoices for each transaction in compliance with the Italian regulation, automatically and without error. With our solution, all transactions are used as data input for the creation of both XML and PDF files that are then sent to the SDI (Italian Tax Authority) and ensure compliance for your transactions happening in Italy. Moreover, you will be always able to monitor the status of each invoice, from the issuing to the delivery, without ever leaving the Stripe dashboard!

A-Cube e-invoicing Stripe App

Getting started

Using the App is very simple and requires just few minutes to set it up:

  1. Install the A-Cube e-invoicing app in the Stripe Marketplace and register to the A-Cube service using a valid email address, following instructions step by step.
  2. Fill the form with personal and invoicing information, these will be used to fill the sender information on the outgoing e-invoices. Accept and sign our T&C by using your smartphone and the OTP received
  3. Choose a subscription plan based on your volume (you can just try the service for free: up to 10 documents per month the service has no costs)
  4. Configure the A-Cube e-invoicing app

There are first time settings that you need to set up before to use the service:

  • The tax position you have in Italy (RF01 or RF19)
  • The kind of products you’re going to sell with your Stripe account (goods or services).

Click Save to confirm, you can always change these settings later.

Test mode

You can install the A-Cube e-invoicing app in test mode to try the service without any cost. In this mode, you can create invoices and simulate the communication to the SDI without any legal value.

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