Open Banking API

OpenAPI Definition:

Getting started

Open Banking API provides a way to connect to financial institutions using PSD2 channels. With this API set it is possible to query financial accounts and (in next version) to make payments initiation.

Actors involved in this process are:

  • The End User, i.e. the owner of financial accounts.
  • The Software Integrator, i.e. the OpenBanking API consumer.
  • A-Cube, i.e. the OpenBanking API provider
  • The Financial Institution (sometimes we'll indicate it with the generic term Bank) that hosts the accounts of the End User

You can read a step by step tutorial on how to connect and retrieve transactions here.


  • sandbox is the environment where you can test the entire platform without paying at any time; the communication with banks is simulated here. The base URL is
  • production is the environment where the communication with SDI is real, you can't send an invoice to test. If you want to make a real test then you will need to send a credit note to cancel the sent invoice. The base URL is


You can find all the information about the authentication here.