Supported channels

Uploading documents exported from your ERP or IT system is easy and flexible.

You can chose between SFTP, Amazon S3, AS2 protocol or REST API

Transfer scheme


The SFTP channel is made available by the Transfer platform. You can use any SFTP client. Some examples of free software you can use

To login you can use the same credentials used in the entire A-Cube platform (i.e. same credentials you use to login into the dashboard).

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a cloud storage by Amazon Web Service.

The onboarding process is managed directly by the A-Cube team with your collaboration.

Supported file types

To date you can upload the following file types

  • ZIP archive containing CSV, JSON or XML files. A-Cube Transfer will take care to unzip and it will run a new process for each file found within the archive.
  • CSV files either with one CSV with one document or one CSV with multiple documents.
  • JSON or XML files of the electronic documents ready to be sent.
  • P7M signed files of any of the formats listed above.

Ingest rules

The ingestion is process is configurable by filename pattern. In example you may want to upload PDF files but use them as attachments for an XML invoice.