You can configure your own webhooks that A-CUBE API will call when an event happens. To manage your endpoints you can use the API or the dashboard.


EventWhen it happens
supplier-invoicean invoice is received from SDI
customer-invoicean invoice is sent successfully to SDI
customer-notificationa notification for a sent invoice comes from SDI
invoice-status-quarantenathe invoice marking changes from waiting to quarantena
invoice-status-invoice-errorthe invoice marking changes from quarantena to invoice-error
legal-storage-missing-vata BusinessRegistryConfiguration is missing the email address required to activate the Legal Storage
legal-storage-receipta PreservedDocument receives the receipt from the legal storage
receipta new receipt is submitted and ready to download
receipt-errorfailed to submit a receipt because the communication with the Tax Authority portal failed
All the messages sent to your endpoint are sent with a POST request. We manage sending the messages to your endpoints with a queue: if your endpoint fails (we don't get a 200 response) then the webhook will retry 15 times every 300 seconds with a back-off rate of 1.25 for a total of about 10 hours.If you want to disable endpoints during an operation you can send header X-DisableEndpoints: true. This header takes effect when sending a new customer invoice or when importing customer or supplier invoices.