A-Cube Business Model

A-Cube offers its customers the best REST APIs for electronic invoicing. There are currently four main sets of APIs available: e-invoicing in Italy, e-invoicing in Poland, e-invoicing through the Peppol network and the Open Banking APIs.

You can choose between two purchase models of the A-Cube products:

  1. Pre-purchased credit
  2. Periodic bill, based on consumption

Each model has free activation cost.

Whatever model you choose, the unit price will be lower as the volume of invoices purchased icreases.

1. Pre-purchased credit

Purchase in advance a package of invoices that does not expire. The minimum quantity purchased must be equal to or greater than € 400.00. With the pre-purchase you are entitled to the total discount of the annual rent.

Every time you do an operation, the platform will decrease the price of the operation.

You can setup some actions which will be triggered when your pre-purchased credit goes below a certain threshold. Find more information here.

Pre-purchased credit has a cheaper unit price compared to the periodic bill based on consumption.

2. Periodic bill, based on consumption

You will pay as you consume via periodic bills (monthly bill or more). This purchase model is more expensive than the pre-purchased credit.

APIs for managing your users and puchase model

You can find a useful API set which will help you managing your users and checking your purchase plan.